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AKH Aspen

OT Farm is an equestrian farm located in Jefferson County, Missouri. It may seem like the name stands for our initials, but it is meant to represent "overtime". We both work full time to support our animals and continue to expand the facilities. Farming fills our evenings and weekends, which feels no less than a second job, thus we chose to memorialize this feeling in the name of our business.  Building this dream took incredible investment of time and effort, which we mustn't forget.    

OT Farm's primary focus is horses, but we also have other barnyard buddies: pig, guinea fowl, dog, and cats. Our equine herd is a blend of less fortunate/rescue horses and 100% European Brabants. Most of our horses work in harness and ride, unless there are physical limitations. Each equine we own has special needs and we tailor their routine and care as needed.

Our Mission:

Our mission at OT Farm is twofold. We are are passionate about promoting the European Brabant breed and own two young 100% stallions.  We are actively engaged with the European Brabant Registry of America and participate in the EBRA Breed Ambassador program.

Meet our European Brabants here.

The secondary equally important objective is to continue to offer sanctuary home for the less fortunate equines, with the emphasis on drafts. With each rescue we become more experienced in rehabilitation of older equines, which is very rewarding.

We regularly share video clips of our farm life on YouTube. Please visit our channel to meet the animals and enjoy some funny videos!  

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